Usable Patterns is a usability and design consulting company. We are available to help your company determine business requirements, improve the usability of your application or website, or even something as simple as heuristic evaluations.

David Broschinsky

Dave has over 15 years of experience designing usable applications across a wide variety of industries. Dave’s focus is to increase the usability of any application, including web, through ethnographic reasearch, heuristic evaluations, and rapid paper prototyping.

Scott Gauvin

Scott has over 12 years of experience designing applications for contract management, systems management, and airline reservations management. Scott’s focus is to determine the correct user requirements for your system through research and customer interviews.

Richard Park

Richard is the levelheaded software developer who brings a sense of practicality to these scruffy bearded designers (well, except for Scott. He’s pretty cool). After having too many discussions and arguments with Bro to count he finally wrangled his way onto this About page. Revel in the glory of this achievement!

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